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In the ASMR community, role-plays are one of the most sought-after videos to watch. Their popularity is most likely because, for many of us, our first encounters with the tingles occurred during everyday childhood experiences. Moments like having our first haircut at a salon, interactions with teachers and librarians or even visits to the eye doctor. Those interactions tend to have similar triggers such as the caring intimacy of one-to-one attention combined with a soft-spoken or whispered voice, a gentle touch on an arm or cheek, deliberate and slow hand movements and crisp, sharp sounds like the snick of hair scissors, the clack and tap of chalk on a chalkboard, or the rustle of book pages being turned.

Out of all of the ASMR role-plays, my favourite ones to watch are makeup application videos. And if google search is to be believed I’m not the only one. While it may be true some of us were allowed to play dress-up with our mother’s cosmetics, thus creating the connection with ASMR. I would speculate, for many of us, it was watching them go through the ritual of applying makeup that sticks so vividly in our memories, triggering the ASMR sensation in us as adults. The sound of a lipstick case being opened and closed, the swirl of a brush in powder, that particular sound of a lid from a pot of moisturizer being opened and the spritzing of perfume as the scent floats through the air are all popular sounds in ASMR makeup role-plays.

ASMRtistry One, wanted to capture that sense of nurturing, comfort and ASMR tingles for those of us that love makeup roleplays in a uniquely designed lipstick. The multi-leveled ASMR experience begins with the deeply grooved and embossed texture of the lipstick case, the satisfying “click” of the magnetic closure, the cozy smell of vanilla, the feel of the moisturizing formula and the warming sensation when applied to the lips. Every time you use your ASMRtistry One lipstick it is like tapping into your favourite ASMR makeup roleplay or childhood memories of watching your mother applying her makeup allowing you to create the relaxing tingles anytime, anywhere.



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