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Our Story

The Short

The triggering glory of your senses melding together, the comfort of experiencing sensations of fulfillment and the sweeping brain tingles that define ASMR are some of the best naturally overwhelming phenomenon that exists in the universe - the 8th wonder if we want to speak the truth.

So, imagine combining the open-consciousness of ASMR with the deeply satisfying act of Makeup, Makeup beyond the act of wearing it, but in the product you are using itself - taking ASMR and turning it into a slew of products that you can hold, cherish, use and awake all the triggers you want - Tingles on Demand. This is the rock on which ASMRtistry is built.

The Long

When Philip Karageorgis first discovered ASMR, it was through his wife (they were dating at the time). Philip saw her get the edge of their duvet cover one night whilst lying down in bed and rubbing it gently against the palm of her hand. It seemed like a very strange thing to do. She then got a single strand of hair in between her thumb and index finger, placed the hair just within her ear and started twirling.

He got really curious and wanted to deeply understand as she explained the relaxing, tingling sensation and soothing nature of what she was doing. This was way before ASMR was even a thing, he had no idea what ASMR was back then and neither did the wife, even though she was lucky enough to experience the phenomenon.

It was only when ASMR really started to get lots of exposure that they both finally became aware of what she was experiencing since childhood.

Then one day his wife asked a question that sparked the journey into Philip building ASMRtistry - "Why aren't there any companies that make ASMR products? Wouldn't it be amazing if there was an ASMR makeup brand?"

Hence, the journey begun, from Phil & Helen’s warm and loving home.

The Future

ASMRtistry is here to answer the yearning that leads you to searching and experimenting, using random objects and resorting to endless YouTube videos. A small and newly founded company (family as we are all very close) that has been working on ASMR research and development for much longer, ASMRtistry is positioned to launch ASMR into the stratosphere and make millions more aware of the phenomenon, opening a door to many more amazing possibilities.

We have created the world's first dedicated ASMR product line which has been developed with one goal in mind - Trigger.

ASMRtistry One Lipstick Case 

History in the making ☝️. The very first sample of our ASMRtistry One lipstick.


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